Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sorry for my recent lack of activity but I've been traveling around a bit nonetheless let's get down to business shall we.
Check out this guy probably one of the best dancers I've seen:

Can any of you dance? If so what styles can you/are you trying to learn?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So today I've decided to share with you one of the most addictive flash games I've come to play. It's called winterbells and you can find it here: The aim of the game is quite easy: simply get your bunny as high in the air as possible by bouncing him on bells, the birds will double your score as well, sounds easy right? Wrong, you'll be spending hours upon hours trying to beat your last high score and wondering how people got insane scores such as this:

Then again I am quite terrible at this. What score did you end up getting?

Dubstep santa

Something a friend of mine linked me just yesterday, interesting video to say the least. Also if you haven't listened to dubstep before and this video (which was made for comedic purposes it is by no means "good dubstep) then I highly recommend persian mayhem.

Hello world

I'll be posting unusual pictures and stories that I come across on my daily stroll through the internet. Let's see where this takes us shall we?